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Betting Systems

Want to learn how to pick your own winning dogs in almost every race you bet on? There are many systems out there that simply will not work, but there ARE some that do! Want to know which ones?

You need to take a look at the best greyhound betting system on the market. You will never believe how easy it is when you know how….

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Get your first bets for free by claiming £100s of free greyhound bets today! Claim these exclusive bonuses from all the top bookmakers in minutes.

Can you afford not to claim up to £1000 in free bets? Would you rather bet with your own money? We didn`t think so. Thats why we show you step by step where to get them and how to use them…

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Greyhound Tipster

If you would rather avoid the chore of picking winners yourself, how about getting someone else to do it for you? But who do you trust?

The leading greyhound tipster on the web has lost his mind! He is currently offering 7 days of tips for just £1. Yes, one pound is all it costs to find out how good this guy REALLY is…

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Why Do Some Punters Win Big But Most Never Win A Penny?

It's a known fact that most punters lose money and there are many reasons for this: poor knowledge, lack of a proven system, poor money management, emotional reactions. In fact it's often a combination of many factors that means people fail or simply give up. If you eliminate all these negative factors, you get a positive outcome - in other words, you WIN money CONSISTENTLY. That is exactly the scenario that the Greyhound Tipster service offers. By betting only on licensed greyhound races in the UK, you really can develop a profitable second income.

Sometimes in life opportunities present themselves to you, and you are not quite 100% "convinced" that you should take a risk. History categorically shows us that you have to take a risk if you want to become successful. If by this point you still need to be "convinced" to take a serious look at our service, then I am not quite sure if this is the right thing for you.

It's not everyday that somebody offers to show you an exciting and groundbreaking opportunity in which you may actually be able to change your life for the better. An investment "risk" of £49 is all it takes to jump on the bandwagon, instead of watching it roll right past you........

  • Let's face facts - many betting systems don't work! We'll show you the few that do!

  • Get the perfect start by claiming free bets on greyhounds and other betting offers. We'll show you how to find them!

  • Using your free bets you can build a bank to bet with, virtually risk free!

  • When you know the simple science behind picking winners you'll be amazed how easy it is. And your friends will wonder how the heck you do it!


Thanks to the UK bookmakers and their sponsorship of BAGS Racing there are now more opportunities to profit from betting on greyhounds than ever before. With races every few minutes throughout the day, there is an incredible choice of dogs and tracks which is unrivaled anywhere else in the world! By opening a handful of betting accounts with the top rated online bookmakers, and then following some simple selection rules, you have all the tools you need to make a valuable second income from online betting. But don't just take our word for it! Contact us and we'll put you in touch with real clients who have experienced the success for themselves.
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